GreyApp is "The world's first privacy and data protection system", empowering you with absolute control of your online experience.
GreyApp is available in both Android and iOS stores. You can download and install the App in your respective devices. GreyApp supports mobile/tablets/PC's.
GreyApp comes with a 14 days' free trial version. Once the trial period ends, you'll need to choose a plan to continue to use the platform. For more information about the pricing plans visit www.greyapp.com for more information.
Grey vouchers are subscription vouchers (or) coupons to activate your GreyApp. i.e., the coupon serves as a proof of payment to activate your app.
You can purchase your GreyApp vouchers directly from www.greyapp.com.
All our pricing plans are entitled to purchase only in USD.
Absolutely. You can switch between our monthly plans or annual plans available. You can simply make an in-app purchase to choose a different plan.
We accept all type of credit and debit cards, for high-volume purchase and larger organisations contact our support team for more information support@gdb.com
GreyApp supports web version, you can access to your account from the web in 4 easy steps.
  1. First, download your Chrome/Firefox extension
  2. Export your private key from your mobile app and save it in your desktop.
  3. Import your private key to the browser extension.
  4. Once it is imported successfully, you can login with your credentials.
Private key is the system unique encrypted key generated by GreyApp. Only you have the private key for access to encrypt and decrypt your data. You can use the private key to login to other devices, our platform supports up to 5 devices.
GreyApp service comes with integrated VPN enablement. In corresponding to what pricing plan, you choose the VPN service will automatically activated along with your GreyApp service.
Yes, through the VPN service you can browse through unlimited bandwidth and get access to any content all over the world, you can surf the web anonymously and privately.

GreyApp uses military grade encryption techniques to protect your data. We have partnered with the world’s top tier security service providers to monitor our security system and to ensure our customers data is protected 24/7.

Our platform comes with 2FA - Two Factor Authentication, Personal Private key to encrypt and decrypt your data, End-to-End encryption and 11 layers of security system infrastructure.